October 23, 2013
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You Lied
He didn’t

You cried
He didn’t

He cared
You were just playing

Your mistake
Was thinking I’d be that dumb

His mistake
Avoiding me..then cheating on me and then walking away

My mistake
Not letting it go…letting him walk away

My mistake
Being so desperate
That I said yes to you

Your mistake
Asking my best friend out the day we broke up

His mistake
Not telling me sooner how he felt

My mistake
Being so Naïve and listening to every lie you told me
Letting it go on after our first kiss

Your mistake
Thinking you could replace him
Replace the love I have for him

Your mistake
Accusing me
Then allowing him to get me back

That’s what gave him the guts to tell me.
So Thank You.
My enemy
You screwed me over trying to play me
But your threats and taunts don’t work now
Do they?
For because of you
I am happy
And what are you?
But a low life
Who feeds off of girl’s sympathy for your lying make believe life

Your mistake
Coming back after I told you I never loved you and never would

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