Givign Love a Second Chance <3

September 26, 2013
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Dear Brain...sorry for all the confussion
Dear eyes, sorry for makeign you sore , from cryign so much
Dear self, I dont' blame you for makeing the wrong decisions
It happens sometimes.. I guess
Dear heart, sorry you broke
but let's face it,
I picked up all your broken pieces
and patched yo uback together.
So if you dont' mind..
How abotu we give this another try?
They're will always be more fish in the sea
and if you break again, don't shed a tear
You'll have your bestie to talk to
your guy buds to lean on
and your cuz to fuss you out and say she was right.

So how about we giev love another try
instead of sayign goodbye
because I have a feeling
that this is the right guy.

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