All I knwo Is

September 25, 2013
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I don't hear his tires grind against the road
I don't hear him slammign his car door
or saying "hey baby".
I don't feel his warm embrace
I don't feel his lips graze mine
All I know is he's not comming

I hear nothing but bitter silence
All I see is gray and brown.
All I feel is the course grund beneath me
as it spikes my skin
All I knwo is he's not comming

I am certain he loves me
this I swear
I never know he's there
til' I see his face or that Black Commarow
but all I do know
is he's not comming

For the clock says 7:10
and Iv'e been out here sicne 6:43
He said It'd be quick & I don't knwo hwo logn to wait
All I Do Know Is
He's Not Comming.

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