September 17, 2013
By 48Dragonwriter GOLD, Wildorado, Texas
48Dragonwriter GOLD, Wildorado, Texas
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Everyone expects something when they go into a relationship; what the other person should look like, act like, think and their views on the world. This is all we think about when meeting someone new, until we realize that there is no way the other person we meet can live up to all our expectations. In this sense we underestimate them, the people we meet may turnout to like everything you like. They may have views that you never even considered but agree with completely. Even though you have lowered your expectations they may meet your first expectations and you may meet theirs. In going into a relationship we as a people should keep our expectations high so that we may find a suitable person to spend the rest of our lives with. You don't want someone who will disagree with you at every turn, nor do you want someone who will be agreeing with everything you say. In a relationship it is good to have high expectations because it could mean your future with the person that you will fall in love with.

The author's comments:
High expectations will win you a good companion in life.

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