A Letter That Will Never Be Sent

June 22, 2013
By Bliss007 SILVER, Los Angeles, Other
Bliss007 SILVER, Los Angeles, Other
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Goodbye all the glory of love and welcome despair. Today I noticed one thing that I keep noticing but couldn’t tell myself just because not to feel hopeless like now. I noticed that you don’t love me or care about me. I hate to notice this but seems like I have to face with this truth but I don’t want to. I just want you by my side holding my hand, looking directly to my eyes and sayin” I love you.” I want to be the one that you love. That is the only thing I want from you. However you see me wothless not to give the only thing I want. Maybe you’ll notice one day how I love you. So don’t worry my love, I’ll be waiting for you. I know you’ll come. Well, you have to come because this love is hurting me. I know who you are. You are kind and you don’t want to hurt anyone. I can see it when I look in your eyes. I see innocence in your eyes. Innocence that comes from your pure heart. Can you let me suffer? I am such a stupid! You don’t know how much pain I am in. You don’t know I can’t live without you. It is not just love. It is you, it is real love and it is pain mostly.
Today I woke up and opened my cell phone than checked my mail box. Guess what? Nothing from you. Even I messaged you. You could have say hi back to me. It would have saved my day. It could have helped me not to lose my hope. I know you love someone else, your friend told me. There is something you should know too. She can’t love you as much as I do. Well, you basically know that. Your love is unrequited too. You’ll forget her. I can help you to forget her if you just let me to. I could give you countless kisses, I could hold you for billion years, I could love you forever and I could make you happy. We would have been happy together.
If you wonder how I am handling it I can tell you. It is not easy to fight with your tears everyday. Sometimes I can control myself but sometimes I go to the wall and let them gush. I am not strong you are the one to make me strong and you are the one to stop my tears gushing. Anyway I try to not to think about you rest of the day. As you can guess I am not good at it. I tell myself that I have to forget you and move on. Because that is what you are doing right now. That I think that maybe I can have a chance. Really really little chance to make you love me. Please my love don’t tell me that it is imposible. If it is I’d be devisteded. Anyway, today I made a decision. I’ll be perfect or so close to perfect to make you love me. Don’t think I am obsessed because I am not. I am in love. I’ll do everything that I can do to make you love me. I’ll look beautiful more that the girl you love. I’ll keep my inside beautiful too. I know you are like me. Inside beauty is as important as the appearance. I’ll start caring about my beauty more. I’ll lose weight, get rid of my acnes, I’ll eat healty, start sport… I can start basketball just because you love it. So tell me what should I do more? What kind of girls you like? What kind of girls you want to be with? I want every little detail so I can be one of that girls. I just want a chance. A chance with your love. Just tell me what to do. I’ll be waiting for you. I love you.

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on Aug. 29 2013 at 1:00 pm
Bliss007 SILVER, Los Angeles, Other
7 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
Marilyn Monroe

Oh, thank you, I hope :)))

on Aug. 15 2013 at 4:44 am
Natasha_C SILVER, Bloomington, Minnesota
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"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."
"Life goes on... Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown.
Or stay behind, locked in the past,thinking of what could've been."

aww that was soo sad!! i love it though...i hope everything is better for you :)


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