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June 16, 2013
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Imagine this, our first day of school and our teacher lectures us on how to love and how to dress. My section and myself were super inspired by what she said, therefore I feel that every woman should be aware of this.

"Mystery is sexy." said Madam P. "At first when you meet a boy, he will want to get to know you, but once he knows everything about you, what is left for him to be DYING to find out about you?" And even though I have never in my life thought about this tiny little detail, she was right. This day, we jumped from subject to subject, from college entrance exams, to why the school rules were actually okay, and then, how to dress and how to treat a man. It was strange, because as she was talking and stressing on this topic, I told myself, "Maybe that's why teenage relationships don't generally work out in the end,"

My teacher talked about how like a child, men have a short attention span as well. When you wear revealing outfits from these high-class, ultra expensive brands that promise you that your body will look ahh-mazing, have you ever thought that, yeah, maybe it will look amazing, but will that really get you some respect? Men will look at your boobs first because they can't help it, let's be honest here. Some gentlemen will try to ignore that, and will judge you by your personality. But the rest of them, who knows what they're thinking? (I think I do.) Sure, you might look sexy. Sure, your abs that you worked so hard on over the break look perfect and toned just the way you want it to, but is that really a reason to not respect yourself?

"You are what you dress." said Madam P., and that, my friends, inspired me to think in such a way that, maybe my old jeans, maybe my simple T-shirts from Nike, maybe my mom's cardigans and my sweater that has been sitting in my closet for way too long (because the Philippines is like a microwave), is sexy.

Another thing I would like to quote from Madam P., "Only give 5% of yoursef to your lover. Even I, until now, still give 5% to my husband of ** years," Damn. This woman must have been hard to get! But as she ellaborated further, I began to understand her perspective slowly. I agree with her as well (except maybe not 5%. Boys would probably cry. Maybe, 15%, perhaps?) Holding yourself back a little will NOT make your relationship boring (unless you are), but in a way, it will add that extra spice that you needed to make your relationship even more exciting. Don't tell him when you're pooping, and (oh gosh) don't fart in front of him, don't tell him what bra you're wearing, don't ask him if your breath stinks, etc. Sure, you guys are lovers and bestfriends, but to give him these personal and obviously unnecessary information will probably lessen the romance between both of you, which will cause your relation to end even sooner than it already will (let's be real.) Need I say more?

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nelehjr This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 23, 2013 at 6:51 pm
This is good. I like the addvice, but I think you need to organize your thoughts a little bit more.
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