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i never knew why i loved him. I always thought it was the way he had made me smile even if i didn't want to. It might have been his eyes. Those blue eyes. they understood me. they saw past my smile into me. he saw what no one else could. he helped me. i had those feelings of pure loneliness. but he made me feel wanted. He told me he would always be there. But what he said, was he lying? he used to text me everyday. he always made me smile no matter what. i told him so much about myself. i trusted him. then what happened? he stopped. stopped talking to me, stop texting me. he left me. then i found out he liked some else. he had told me he would never forget me. he'd always be there for me. but he forgot. he left like i was never anything special to him. but he had my heart.and maybe still does. now how do i forget him?

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anganarocks said...
Aug. 12, 2013 at 5:21 am
u could bring a bit more spice but its quite nice
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