Idial Father

May 23, 2013
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Ideal Father

I never had a father around. So I had grown up with my mom and my grandmother. My father left us when I was five years old. My child hood was easy and fun, mostly because there was no adult around. They were always working to provide for my family. But then my mother meat a man in the United States. He is a good man but sometimes he can be a really rude. He is a good father to his children . My step father has a son and a daughter from his privies marriage.

My mother’s definition of a good father is the following: someone who knows how to forgive , gives attention to his children, and can build a strong foundation for his child. She says that a man has to know how to accept other children in to his family. A man who can stand by his child’s side and respect and protect . While my step dad is a good dad to his children he is like a roommate to me . I think it’s mostly because we don’t have anything in common. Sometimes he just doesn’t want me around. He can’t wait till I finish high school, so he can send me to college away.

My definition of an ideal father is someone who is there for the child, someone who can afford to give affection to the child. Someone who can be strong and have courage to teach a child write from wrong. Teach to be strong and help the weak. Teach to be selfless and fair, and teach a child how to survive in the real world . Baba is a good example of a good father he always encourages Amir to do batter and more. He shoes that he love his son and he is proud of him when he bays him a car.

`The ideal father should teach his child to have the write values in this world . To teach to make a batter world for the next generation. The last and most important is to teach the child to become an ideal parent. Someday I wish to become an ideal father to my children So they can have a good life and a fun childhood.

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