Ideal Friend

May 23, 2013
By Joe Fersch BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
Joe Fersch BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
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Ideal Friend
Many people either have or are looking for the ideal friend especially throughout their childhood along with high school. In English class we read the book Kite Runner by: Khaled Hosseini, this is a story about a boy growing up changing into a man also changing lifestyle from one setting to another and friendships with people close in his everyday life. Everyone should have there go too person that you can trust also ask for help when needed. That ideal friend should always be the first one: to talk about a problem or a invitation to have a sleepover or visit the movies. The ideal friend to me shows emotions along with share emotions along with a good hobby. My closest friend shares emotions along with a good hobby with me we always spend time together also can trust each other with basically everything
To begin, Amir and Baba’s relationship is father and son, but Amir looks towards him more as a friend than a father. Amir views Baba’s characteristics more as a friend because the guidance given towards Amir with emotions, and hobbies shared are more of friend characteristics in this setting.
First, every good friendship shares emotions with each other. “Amir heaved a sigh, gently patted Baba’s shoulders” pg.140, showing emotion because Amir the main character along with baba his father is slowing dying of cancer the situation is a very difficult situation for the both of them. Amir was defiantly attached to Baba because of the friend traits he showed, and guided him with, cancer was big news to the family, and it was an emotional time because they both had different ways to handle the situation. “I’m right here” pg.210 showing how individuals will stand up for a friend along with comfort your friend when they need comfort while, facing a troubled situation. Both of these quotations show how meaningful someone can be, and the major contributions they are to your life by comforting along with helping keep your emotions in check.
Next, an ideal friend is someone who you can share hobbies with. Sharing hobbies is something that will bring your relationship closer together. “I remember the last time” pg.88 in particular this quote demonstrates how Amir along with Baba share things together like the kite contest, which, made Baba happy with the win. For example my close friend and I won’t miss a weekend in the duck blind together, in Kite Runner Amir, and Baba always look for ways to help their relationship like kite flying also attending along with hosting different parties. “He stood out easy” pg.205, the ideal friend should stand out easily to you. For example my best friend and I have the same hobbies like hunting also fishing. Amir and Baba share things also like showing leadership, and are able to stand up for others in need.
In conclusion, the ideal friend would be someone to share emotions with along with good hobbies to bring a relationship closer together. The ideal friend is always a person that I can or anyone else can go to for help when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also my ideal friend is someone, who, is always willing to spend time with you with the hobby you share either in the duck blind on a misty morning or even in the car going to visit family like in Kite Runner.

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