Love Drunk

May 19, 2013
By Bliss007 SILVER, Los Angeles, Other
Bliss007 SILVER, Los Angeles, Other
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Marilyn Monroe

There are so many things that I can't do, I can't say. I can say if only I get drunk. I am love drunk today. I surrender with my words which made from love. Do you know what I wanna do right now? I want to go to your home and kiss you wildly. Kiss you untill my love transfers to your heart. I want to feel your hands all over my body. I don't want any empty space that your lips hadn't kissed. All I want is your love, your existence. Because when you are around me butterflies begin to dance in my stomach. My brain stops working. My eyes being captured by your eyes. And my heart, it beats like it is a constent in a marathon who is about to win. That's what you do to me. You nab me with your one look. One look with your bright ocean blue eyes. I would love to dive in that ocean. I want to be one and only mermaid in your ocean. I want to bring love in your ocean. You just need to let me in. Let me in and I'll make you happy. Satisfy you with my love. Satisfy you all the ways you want. I am not perfect, you are not perfect but we can be perfect together if you give us a chance. Because I am an addict, addicted to alchol and you are my alchol. I can't live without you, I can't break the habbit. I don't want it because I love it. ?t is killing me but it just tastes like heaven. It carries away all my pain. Than it causes another pain. Just like you. You are the alchol that I don't want to quit, I enjoy every single taste of it. I don't care even if it kills me. Because I am love drunk baby.

The author's comments:
The one that I love inspires me all the time.

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