You Don't Love Him

May 11, 2013
By , Vienna, VA
For my friend.

I see the way you look at him with longing eyes that are filled with only sadness.

I hear your not-so-quiet sobs when you rush to the stalls when you can’t hold it in for any longer.

I wish you’ve never met him in the first place, only because I despise witnessing your face reflecting deep pain that doesn’t completely go away.

I cry inside when you tell me your plans of trying to get back together with him. Because I know it’s futile.

I feel your confusion and pain just by looking at your face everyday.

I know your jealously and anguish when I find you glaring at him as he flirts with other girls. But you should know, he’s not worth it.

I remind you there are other guys, but you can’t hear me.

I mock him with names like “jerk” and “asshole,” yet you tell me he’s not when he is.

But when I tell you, you don’t love him. You just walk away.

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