My Best Friends!

May 10, 2013
By MADavis ELITE, Kentland, Indiana
MADavis ELITE, Kentland, Indiana
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My best friends mean the world to me! They are amazing people and I will never forget them. Whenever I’m having problems they’re the first ones to know about it and are always there to support me and help me in any way possible. We also have so many great times together and we can be our complete selves and not care at all what people think about us. I think it’s very important to have friends that are honest and you can trust with anything because as you get older you’re going to have secrets to tell your friends so you can talk about it and its important you can trust them. Sometimes friends can turn on you though. It’s important not to let that get you down to much because if you do the right things you guys will become friends again. My friends are always there to support me and encourage me to do whatever I want but when its needed they can talk me out of doing things they know I will end up regretting. I seriously don’t know what I would do without them. I would be miserable! I always look forward to hanging out with them and getting to tell them new and exciting stories.
My favorite part about them is we all relate to each other so much and we can go crazy whenever we’re together. We also can be serious and have really deep conversations and help each other through serious situations in life. I believe that having friends with you is one of the most important things that you can have in life. If you don’t have many friends then just start socializing with different types of people and you will end up with a lot more. You can never have too many friends! Having friends with you throughout your life and being able to experience everything together is probably one of the best feelings ever. I love all my friends so much and wouldn’t trade them for anything!

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