soul mates #2

May 7, 2013
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Soul mates don’t emerge out of
a magic lamp or a magician’s
cap. They don’t have a magic
wand that makes their
relationship so perfect and
beautiful. Soul mates don’t
appear out of the blue. They
are simple and ordinary people
amongst us. The magic lies in
the extraordinary passion they
share which makes their
relationship work despite all
the imperfections and
complications in their life. They
have a spark in their
relationship which strengthens
their bond with each passing
day. It’s about having a magical
relationship that faces all tests
of time and stands tall no
matter what life throws at
them. Soul mates are not made
overnight. It is a journey of two
people in love who are bonded
together to share, endure,
grow and stay together till the
end of time…

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