To Be in Love

May 9, 2013
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But when you have seen those eyes that you adore and you feel safe when you are together; when you hear his voice and see sons and daughters that have inherited his smile and his laugh; when you are willing to wait two years for him to think of you as something more than a friend and two more to see him; when you slowly realize that your days and nights are so much easier because you know he will always forgive your faults even if you can't imagine a reason why he would still embrace you in his healing love, and he knows quite clearly how difficult you can be to handle yet is willing to help you heal, and your love exceeds the boundaries of your heart and onto your soul, and you finally understand what it means to fight for a way to make it work; when you have the privilege to ask that boy you have loved from the start: “Sweetheart, what color do you want the curtains to be?”; when you sit beside him doing nothing and feel perfectly content while thanking God every minute of the day because you are able to sit beside him doing nothing; when you spend your brighter days and calmer nights dreaming about words like “husband” and “wife”; when your new name becomes “Lovebug,” his new name becomes “Honey” (even on bad days) and your favorite word becomes “Magic,” and your mother and aunts are dying to call you a “Mrs.”; when you see his mind tonight and think you were always a goner to his eyes and smile, knowing nobody can be lovelier, never really knowing what to expect next, and knowing you are perfectly alright and never happier; when you finally know the meaning of the word “complete;” when the soul that allowed you to understand that wondrous word is ripped from your life in a matter of seconds – then you will understand what it means to feel pain.

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