Alternate ending to Lost in Yonkers Play

May 8, 2013
By Jake1 SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
Jake1 SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
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Bella (Voice-over) “Dear momma and the boys… I think it might be better if I stay away from home for a little while. I’ve decided to go away with the usher from the movies. We are going to see tons of movies and open the restaurant he always wanted, and I will be the cook. I’m sorry momma I just couldn’t stand it anymore.”

(Arty finishes reading the letter aloud and sits down at the table.)

Grandma: Vell I guess dis is vat she vanted. We can’t do anything now. She’s gone and dot’s it.

Grandma! We have to go get aunt Bella back! We need her, and that guy is not right for her. All he wants is her money and labor to open up his restaurant!

Yeah Grandma! You can’t just let her go!

Grandma: You don’t tell me vot to do! She’s made her decision and now she can go do as she vants. Now go downstairs and clean up! Go!

(Grandma gets up and walks sluggishly to her room. She slams the door behind her.)

Jay: Arty we got to do something to help get Aunt Bella back! She is the only person who can keep Grandma company and once Dad gets home Grandma will be all alone.

Arty: Yeah, I saw Gert walking by the store before, maybe if we can catch up with her she’ll tell us where Aunt Bella went. If there were anyone Aunt Bella would tell it would be Gert.

Jay: Alright, come on before Grandma notices we are gone!

(Jay and Arty run out the door of the shop and spot Gert. They run over and approach her aggressively)

Jay: Aunt Gert!

Arty: Aunt Gert!

Gert: Oh! You boys startled me. What’s the matter is everything ok?

Jay: No everything is not ok, Aunt Bella wrote Grandma a letter and said that she is not coming home! She said she is going to see movies with that man and open up the restaurant he wanted. We were hoping you knew where she was so that we can try and get her to come home. Without Bella, Grandma will be alone and once our Dad gets back she will have no one left.

Gert: Oh dear. I’m sorry boys but I haven’t heard from Bella –(A breathe)- since the night she left. I don’t know where she could possibly be.

Arty: Has Louie heard from her?

Gert: Im afraid not, I just finished up lunch with him and he hasn’t heard a thing.

Jay: Do you think shell come back Aunt Gert?

Gert: I don’t know boys. This time it might be for good. She seemed to really like that guy and it takes a lot to put up with –(Sucks in)- momma every single day. But I’d be surprised if she doesn’t show up soon. Don’t worry boys, now get back to the shop and help out –(A breathe)- your grandmother!

(Jay and Arty make their way back to the store and walk through the door. At the end of the hallway stands Eddie.)

Jay: DAD!

Arty: DAD!

(Jay and Arty sprint over and jump into their father’s arms.)

Eddie: I missed you boys more then you could imagine! How is everything? How are Grandma and Bella? Were you boys well behaved? I missed you so!

Arty: We missed you a lot to dad! Grandma is in her room. Jay and me were trying to find out where Aunt Bella is. She left Grandma a letter this morning saying that she had left with that man and was not coming back. We need to find her and get her home to Grandma.

Eddie: Oh no. This isn’t how I expecting things to be when I got back. Come upstairs so I can thank Grandma and we will talk more there.

(Eddie and the boys walk up the stairs to the apartment. Grandma is sitting in a chair having a cup of tea.)

Grandma: Eddie, im glad you were able to finish up this work.

Eddie: Oh momma! It means to the world to me that you finally accept me.

Grandma: I said I vas glad dot you finished not dot I accept you.

Eddie: Either way it means a lot. I heard what happened with Aunt Bella, have you heard from her at all?

Grandma: No Eddie, I have not Bella is doing vot she vonts and I don’t vont her back. She has left and vill not be allowed back in my home.

Eddie: But momma wont you be lonely alone?

Grandma: You don’t know vat I feel. I don’t need her! Now thank me for putting up vith your kids.

Eddie: I can’t begin to thank you enough momma.

Grandma: vell don’t let it happen again.

Jay: Thanks Grandma I really enjoyed living with you.

Arty: Yeah Grandma, We’ll come and see you more often it was great living here.

Grandma: Yeah yeah, now go home you two.

(Eddie and the Boys walk down the stairs and out of the store. They get in the car and head home.

Seven months later… Bella is sitting at a table and opens an envelope)

Eddie (Voice-over) : Dear Bella, we all have not heard from you in months. Momma passed away yesterday. The doctors think that time just got the best of her. It would mean the world to the rest of us and momma that you attend the funeral next week. Love your brother, Eddie.

(Bella places the letter down on the table and begins to cry.)

The author's comments:
I decided to create an alternate ending like this because I felt that after all the years of abuse and dictatorship that Bella had to deal with, that things would work against Grandma. In the real play the end of the story is a classic happy ending; in my alternative ending I wanted to do the opposite. Bella decides to go out on her own and leave the mess of a world that she had in the apartment with Grandma. I ended the story with that scene of Bella reading the letter to let it be known how time has past and how isolated Bella was. I enjoyed writing this more than most of my other pieces because it gave me an opportunity to be creative and write it how I felt it should go.

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