What's the big deal?

May 3, 2013
By Maddy Sullivan BRONZE, Altamont, New York
Maddy Sullivan BRONZE, Altamont, New York
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What’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal? That is the question on everybody’s mind. Thousands of kids are bullied everyday. Some of those kids are even afraid to walk to and from school by themselves. Some kids hate going to schools afraid of what awaits them when those are supposed to be welcoming doors. Even some kids are pushed to the point that they think that taking their own life is the answer. Which suicide is never the correct answer.

This year one of my friends tried to commit suicide by drinking vodka and taking sleeping pills. The scariest part was she sent me and some of our friends a goodbye text saying she loved us and would miss us. I knew right away what she was saying because the previous another one of my good friends tried to commit suicide also by cutting her wrists. My friends’ ex-boyfriend quickly got his mom and she drove him to her house. When he got there the alcohol and pills were finally starting to kick in and she was rushed to the hospital. 3 weeks later she came back to school. I was in shock like so many others were. My best friend who is also her best friend probably took it the hardest. Many thought she was just doing it for attention.

I used to be teased and picked on and let me tell you it hurt my feelings a lot. I was mostly picked on for my weight. When I was picked on I didn’t understand. I’m nice maybe sometimes I was mean sometimes but only if they started it. I still am teased once in a great while. I went through a hard time last year when I was in sixth grade. I lost many friends but then I gained even more. I also made quite a few enemies I guess that is just part of the cruel cycle of life.

Most kids are bullied for their weight, race or even sexual orientation. Some kids like the same gender I personally do not have an opinion on that subject. I will never agree to bullying in my entire life.

There are six types of bullying. There’s physical bullying which is for someone to physically inflict pain to another person. Physical bullying counts for, 30.5% of all bullying in elementary and middle schools. There’s verbal-bullying which includes name calling, making offensive statements and joking about a person’s beliefs or race etc. 46.5% percent of bullying in school is verbal abuse. Then there’s indirect bullying which includes spreading stories or rumors about somebody. Indirect bullying accounts for 18.5% of all bullying. There’s social alienation which is when somebody gets excluded from a group on purpose. Then there is Intimidation that is when a bully threatens somebody to make them do something. Lastly there is cyber bullying which is probably the most used form of bullying.

There is no reason to bully other people. Why can’t we have world peace? What can’t we just all be friend? Now do you understand what the big deal is? Because I know I do.

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