April 29, 2013
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I love you.
A simple saying yes? One that is said too much by ones who don’t truly understand it, and not said enough by those who mean it. Meaning it or not seems to be the source of problems with many people. I, however, am still figuring it out. Yes I say it. Yes I mean it; but do I truly mean it? Maybe so.
When I say it, it’s not because it from habit to tell someone. Nor is it to make them feel better. When I say it, it’s either playfully with friends and family with the “Love you” or I’m letting them know I mean it with the “I love you”.
Though… When I say it to you, however, it’s not because it feels like that’s the only thing to say. Or I say it to make conversation. I say it because I feel like it, because I want to. Even if it’s in the middle of a conversation, I get that feeling in my chest. Warm or fuzzy? I can’t really describe it. It’s just that feeling that comes over me; and I just let it out without a doubt. Yes, I may worry someday you won’t say it back, or you’ll say it and not mean it; but right now I don’t care. I say it now because I am fully sure I mean it, and I believe you do too.
It’s a natural feeling now. Either you say or do something; or it makes me smile. Then I tell you. We may not say it a lot, but we don’t over use it either. Whether I am in love or not doesn’t really bother me when it comes to saying it to you. Its how I feel, and the only way I know how to explain it. So much meaning in those three words that just come so naturally when talking with you.

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