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In everybody's life they either know somebody who is adopted or they are adopted and mostly people wanna know what is a closed adoption,should the adoptive parents let them find their birth parents and i wanna know what is California's rules for adoption.
A closed adoption is when the parents lose all the parental rights and have no contact between the child and adopted parents. The reasons for closed adoptions are to protect the child or when the parent can’t provide for the baby. There can be other reasons also. If the child is old enough to understand what a closed adoption is they will sometimes become depressed. In bad situations people say it’s good for the child. Younger children don’t really understand it all so they are okay with the closed adoption.
In California the rules for adoption are that you have to be twenty-one or older to find your birth parents. At eighteen you can get your adoptive parent’s consent to being to look for your birth parents but no contact can be made until you’re twenty-one. The reason for the age is because the state thinks you’re really mature and can make decisions. When you’re younger you’re not really mature in some things and you don’t really handle responsibilities as big as this.
You need the court’s permission to find your birth parents. They will help you find the information that you need about your birth family. The information they provide us with is whether they are dead or alive, where they live, and their history.
A child is allowed to find their birth parents because it will close doors for them and sometimes it will open new doors for the child. Often a child will want to find their birth parents to know why they were given up for adoption or just to find out some family history.
The adoptive parents should be scared for their child because they are opening a new chapter in their lives. They might want to leave their adoptive family if they think their birth family is better. That would be hard for the adoptive parents because they raised the child. The child will be excited and overwhelmed by everything.

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