We Are Who We're Meant To Be

March 11, 2013
You are what makes the world a better place. You are classified by the color of your skin, the way you walk and move, the way you look and even by the way you act. Society and social media bring the ugliness out of people. Even we ourselves overdose on social media even if we have never been involved in its addiction. Social media is a drug that we’re all addicted to and have no way to escape it. Teenagers all over the world are classified by the way they look, how they dress and how popular they are. No matter how you look, how you act or how popular you are, you are you and no one can change the person you have become.

We all are different in our own ways. You are always being looked at for who you are, what you do, and who you hang out with. We are classified as preps, jocks, nerds, scumbags and outcasts. We have no control of who we are in society. We do things in life just to improve our social status no matter how what our social status is. There are people out there who can’t afford what you have, there are people who are homeless, there are people who are starving and there are people out there who hate themselves because of the way they look.

Everyday innocent teenagers have their hearts broken because the despise of other. These teenagers are just like you and I. No matter how we look, love is always hard to find. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t the happiest but we all have our strengths and weaknesses. No matter how sweet I am or no matter how caring I am, I can’t find the right one. Love is always about looks and nothing about personality. If you really love someone it’s because of their personality not the way they look or act. People believe love is about looks but its not.

I myself am not the best looking guy but I am the most caring and sweetest guy someone could ever meet. I care about everything and hate seeing a girl upset. Why does it matter if all we’re judged on are looks? Teens think we should find someone gorgeous or handsome but really it doesn’t matter how we look on the outside, its how we look on the inside that really classifies us. I know how to treat a girl right but how are other girls in the world suppose to know how you treat a girl if they don’t even want anything to do with you because of the way you look. Better yet, why are guys and girls so judgmental now a days? What happened to back in the day when looks had no effect on a relationship? You fall in love with someone because you really care about that person and love everything about that person and would do anything to see them smile.

It is like were judged like a book is judged by its cover. You can never judge someone by their cover unless you really get to know them in life. We all make mistakes that people also judge you on. We take mistakes as a life experience not a one time thing. Our mistakes reflect on who we are and what type of person we are. I’ve made mistakes that I will always regret until the day I die. I am not the most handsome person in the world, I am not the smartest but I am one of the sweetest and most caring guys in the world and that's how I want to be known in life.

Everyday I wake up thinking the same thing over and over again. I think about how I can change myself in life. The way people look at me. People refer to me as Big man Or Big T. I am a Defensive Tackle on the D-Line and a Offensive Tackle on the O-Line for football. I guess you can say I am a jock but in my mind, I’m just like you. I’m living a life doing what I love to do. I personally hate the way I am but I can change the way I am with dedication and focus.

Teens like you and I really need to think about what they’re doing to others when it comes to looks, personality, and relationships. All we’re looking for is to have someone to love, trust, and just have the feeling to be ourselves no matter how goofy we act. No matter how we act in life, how we look, how we dress, we are all perfect in our own way and nobody can ever change that about you. We are who we’re meant to be.

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