March 10, 2013
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As his basketball swished through the net, I jumped up in thundering applause! Beside me my captain said, “Sit down Priya, he can’t hear you “ I blushed scarlet and wondered if only he could! The tournament passed and he got buried somewhere deep in my heart, until 2 years later I saw him again and my heart restarted with a kick! People noticed the change and asked, “what is wrong?” I blushed crimson and said I just remembered someone.
For 3 whole days I admired him from afar, drinking in the small changes I had missed, never having the guts to say hello. If ever he looked up I would bury my blushing face into a book. These stolen glances continued till it was time to leave and all I wanted was to look at him one last time and imprint it in my mind forever. Sensing my gaze he looked up and smiled, I acknowledged with a smile of my own. I got up on the bus with a knotted stomach and a red face. People said I had fallen in love, but the truth is I never fell out of it in the first place!

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