Heartbreaks Aren't Easy

February 25, 2013
Heartbreaks aren't easy, we all know that. It drives you absolutely insane. You sit there and just think about the person who you're in love with and you know that they aren't thinking about you. You keep thinking about all the memories you had with that person, all those sweet text messages, those long late night phone calls, all of those days when you talked to each other non-stop. You were in love, you felt free, where you can finally just be yourself. Right now, you're probably reading this, thinking about the boy who shattered your heart, he ripped it into two. You're just waiting for him to come crawling back to you telling you how much he misses you and how he was stupid for letting you go. In all honesty, most guys don't do that, they may miss you and regret everything, but they will never tell you.

That's what makes guys who they are, they keep to themselves. They don't like to share all their personal life as much as girls do. Try and get over them. It's not gonna be easy, but it won't be that hard either. Just find another person who will treat you better and remember, time heals everything.

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