February 3, 2013
By Anonymous

Love is the most powerful thing one can feel. It can draw you into any amount of good or evil with equal force, its just up to you on what force it happens to draw you towards. The dat something inside you dies, theres really nothing you can possiblyI knew something in me died that day. I dont know that it was, but when that happens theres never any real way of coming back from it. So anyhting and everything from here on out seems conquerable .
Perhaps something in me died, just for something new to be reborn again. I love you and i will continue to love you for the rest of my life. Even if you dont love me I'll still love you . I want nothing but happines for you, true happiness be it in this moment or for the rest of your life. Love never wants but gives, never asks but knows. You taught me lessons I never would have known haven't known you or loved you as I had and still do. And I thank you for it, because it' made me and still making me a better person. I guess sometimes people come into our lives just to fade away, leaving permenant imprints on our lives. My capacity to love is equal to my capacity to hate. Both can drown you in the depth ot its despair, and can ignite you in the flame if its fire. To hate takes alot of you, It turns the most beautiful into ugly and the most innocent into sin. I dont wanna live my life in such a bitter form anymore.
The grief comes in intervals like waves across the shore. You can be steady in this moment then fall all apart at the next. You can be standing tall on a house of cards and then have the wind blow and tear your world apart.
I cant help but wonder and ask God in vain why is love worth it? Why do you give us humans these souls full of emotions that shatter and break at an instant? Why give us the feeling of love only to have us die and suffer for it ? I ask and I ask and I ask but I get no reply .
Selfishly I wanted to be with you,under all Godly circumstances I just wanted

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