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February 2, 2013
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How to save a life they say? Have they will the one thing I can think of that would have a life is love. Cheesy yes true also yes. But what kind of love you asked. Or you may be asking there's kinds of love? Or what is love? So many questions so many wanted or unanswered questions. Will that's life for you.

Or the other side the drama side,Hatred side, sad side, every emotion in love has a side. Some more willing to show them selves then others. Some people there love towards each other can over come though the rough patches other will just simply give up. That's not the way out. Moving Boyfriend? First boyfriend break up. Get over your self and try to help them though what they might be going though. Or if there just a b**** show them that your the better person. They may have you boyfriend, but he only wanted her or him for there body. Just cause he left you doesn't mean he bad or good. They have there own reason and so do you. Let them have there own voice other wise it will never work out. You may not have to right answers but keep looking. Look for some thing in your relationship to fight for. Or to fight to be out of one. You will have to find your way of going though all your trouble. But the most important thing is not to just for get them. Don't just say hi the next day like nothing happen. Work it out other wise your road will never be smooth and it will come out at some time but it may be to late for the other person or may be to late for you to forgive them for that little thing. Dating When Young. So many young girls and boys tend to embrace dating in middle school. For me it's fine but are you growing with the person. Learning to love every little thing about them. But are you moving forward? Are you going more than holding hands or a peck on the lips. But don't go to fast don't just go jump in the bed with them just cause you think you love them. Love is some thing that takes time. It needs to work its way in slowly with out over loaded or reaming some one. Back to one of my first questions. There's kinda of love. Yes I have to say there is, Lets start with dating love. When your with them you fell like your ready to take a chase. But you don't want them to change you though. Take you time in to learning or thinking about dating some. Because a break up with a close friend will leave you scarred for ever. Unless you can work past it. Which I don't think many people can do. They just need to move forward but never for get the past. Its some thing you need to learn from and to grow from. But not to much that your taking the past into the present. That's why they call it the past. That's name is not for nothing. Child hood crush. This is some thing I think almost every one has one of. But your hearts will drift off you will apart I hate to say it but I might happen. Unless you two are so strong that you are both willing to over come any thing blocking you past to your very own happy life. I have to say love is like a roller coaster. It has it up at down but at the end your happy with what you did. Will most time any way. Keep trying most of time your first boyfriend is not going to be your last. With that this thing comes to an end. B.

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Amy64091 said...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 11:12 pm
thanks it means a lot for some to like my work sorry there is so many missed spelled stuff or out of place stuff.  I might make another one if i get a little bit more for feedback
Hope16 said...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 12:31 pm
this is very good
Amy64091 replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 11:10 pm
thanks its means a lot for some one to like my work if you want i can make another one.
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