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The other sex

Our world is always moving and changing. Than again somethings are static and always stay the same, like how only certain people can wear yellow and airport security will always be a hassle. Some people think men and women will always be different because of obvious reasons and that's just the way it is. If girls are really from Venus and boys are really from Mars, and storks flew to outer space and pick up a little baby for a happy couple in Ohio and flew all the way back, that would be fine. But that is not the case. Besides, are we really so different? Sure there's the obvious physical differences. Then the studies that all show various emotional differences between genders. But what if this is all just a state of mind? We are just listening to the differences and using them to rationalize the fears and feelings of being just plain baffled by the opposite sex. Guys aren't scary! Girls aren't scary! We are just all people going to school wondering why other people do what they do. This is one of many things both genders, and all humans, for that matter, have in common. We all live on planet Earth, also. But, in all seriousness, males and females should talk to each other once and awhile and find out why the heck they do the things they do. Maybe this great divide of difference will finally be bridged. Though maybe we might fail miserably and all end up falling in because the guys refuse to use directions to build the bridge and the girls complained of cramps and had to "sit this one out." Oh well.

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