Personal Essay

February 8, 2013
Everybody has that one special person who always make you feel extraordinary no matter what the occasion. To me this is what my dad has done for me all my life. He always knows what to say, What to do, and how to go about things in life. He is what I would call a crowd pleaser, this isn’t because he is a show off by any means, but rather someone who is always thinking of things he can do for someone else.

I have never known my dad to do anything selfish that would intern hurt someone in any way in his entire life. I feel like this has had an effect on me in my years of growing up. When I see him helping someone I think his kindness rubs off onto me as well as the other person. He never expects anything in return either, other than our love to him as well. Which is another very good characteristic to try to inherit from him. A year or two ago we were driving back from our lake house when we noticed someone in the ditch. It was getting late and I remember it being very cold and snowing. He stopped to see if the person was ok, which he was, and then proceeded to pull the man out of the ditch in below freezing temperatures. At that time I remember thinking that I wouldn’t have done such a thing because I just wanted to get home. My dad on the other hand had no other thought than getting that man back on the road. He has done this and other things like it before that is for sure. Once we were able to get the car pulled out of the ditch the man thanked us very much and told us that we were the first car to help him out of nearly fifty. Once I heard that I gave my dad a lot of gratitude, because even though he stopped I know we could have been just another car driving by.

My dad also has a lot of insight to offer. He is one of the smartest people I know. He is especially smart in business. I enjoy talking with him about business, politics, and other things like the use of money. He likes to teach me things that have to do with ways of savings, spending, and investing money. He has taught me that land is a very valuable asset to have because it holds its value and you are able to make income off of it as well as have fun with it. He works at State Farm so he has taught me the importance of insurance as well, and because of this is able to do so by giving real life examples.

Although he is very smart, something even bigger that his knowledge of business is his heart. My dad is the most caring person I know. Money is no object to him as long as health is involved. He could have next to nothing to show for himself but as long as we, being my family, are happy and healthy I don’t think he could want anything more. I feel as though his ambition in life is to be a provider and nothing else.

A few of the biggest reasons I respect my father is for his compassion, knowledge, and love. Without these things I would still be proud of him, but with them I feel like I have an ideal person to look up to, learn from, and love more than anything.

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