February 7, 2013
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We can search our whole lives for that feeling, for the one, for the only. You'll get your heart broken more times than you can count, you'll be hurt, let down an depressed; and at times you'll give up an not want to carry on. But if you wait that special someone will come along an make you forget about all the heart ache an pain. You'll forget about all your troubles, it will seem as though they all melted away because that special someone will fill you with never ending happiness an love. The first time you see her, you'll be paralyzed an can't move a thing... you'll think it must be a dream, at first so you'll blink to see if its real. she'll still be there an you'll think to yourself "it must be a miracle for an angel such as this Extravagantly Beautiful girl to have fallen for me." Once you have that love you must never give it up never let it slip from your hands. Dont change who you are just cause you found love, remain the same an always try. be there for her when she's upset an comfort her. Dont let her fall asleep mad or upset cheer her up the way only you know how. If that's being a dork an making her laugh or smile then that's what you do cause that smile will do so much for you. You may not realize it but every time you see her smile you'll smile you just can't help it. Her smile will change your mood to happy no matter how bad things get her smile will brighten your day an send a feeling coursing through your body that feeling is happiness. She'll constantly be on your mind she'll be the first thought when you wake up an she'll be the last as you fall asleep. she'll be in your dreams because she is a dream she's the girl you dreamed about for so long she's everything you could hope for and more. She's the one you'll think of a future with, getting married an maybe someday creating miracles of your own. You'll say "I love you forever" because you can't imagine a moment without her. She's amazing in all that she does. She'll think she's nothing special an you'll tell her everyday just how Beautiful an special she really is. When you feel like all this is true an cant imagine being without it then you'll know you've found love an when you do finally find your love dont let her go treat her like a princess even if she never wanted to be a princess you'll treat her like that because to you she is an always will be your princess, your dream, your love. She'll be the Juliet to your romeo. The petal to your rose. An the princess to your fairytale.

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