Teenage Love : Confession

February 5, 2013
Valentine’s Day is REALLY close. If you read previous article, you all would know about my romance story.
If not here’s the link: http://teenink.com/opinion/love_relationships/article/522298/Teenage-Love/
In my previous story I mentioned that I am going to confess to the boy I like on Valentine’s Day. This is part 2! In this article I will be telling you guys what I plan on doing. ? <3
Confession Plan A: A short love letter is written. It is inserted into a small envelope. On February 14, the girl ask her homeroom teacher, whom she is on good terms with, to let her in early. She finds the boy’s jacket and opens the pocket. She stuffs the envelope in along with some chocolate. The boy will notice since the chocolate weighs a bit more. He won’t read it until nobody is around him. Then he shall give the girl a reply.
Confession Plan B: A normal confession, a direct confrontation. The girl lets the homeroom teacher on her plan. The teacher is cheerful and willing to help. The teacher calls the boy to go to his room during lunch; he needs to speak to him. The girl is in the room during lunch. The teacher goes out to the room. The girl confronts the boy and confesses. She hands him some chocolate. He gives her a reply.
So far I will go with Plan A, what do you guys think?

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