January 28, 2013
What is love really? Is it all about the money? Or the fame? Or the lack of either two? Is it the love at first sight where everything stops and the only thing in existence is the two people? Is it just a love story where all someone has to say is yes? Is is it a kid in a bowling alley singing to his baby? Is it a walk away Joe that crumbles the perfection?Or is it something not even the media can describe. All the love songs about broken hearts and sex. Is that what love has become? A song anyone can sing or repeat? Whats so great about that? Or is love something so intimate and extreme only a few people ever get to feel the mind blowing emotion. People die for it, live for it, cry for, shine bright for it. Love is an endless roller coaster. A perfect ending. The sun setting in a Hawaiian paradise. A tornado in Kansas. Love is so over stereo typed its painful. Children growing up watch through seeking eyes the "love" around them. Does that mean everyone who gets a bubbly feeling or knot twisting nerves is experiencing love? Most likely not. Love over time has become so extremely rare. The lucky ones get it and the unlucky ones got a photocopy or a picture of what it really is. Really though, who's to say what love is and isn't? Who's job is it to say this persons happy ever after is better than this ones? No ones. No one can say. Because life's a game with no exact winner and no exact loser. But everyone plays. So love is a way to lighten the experience and brighten the journey through the game board. So I guess in the end loves a lantern and when it gets blown out light it again. And true love one would say never stays in the dark for too long. Because that's what makes it so true. So the end. Short and sweet. Love.

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