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Q is for Quotes

These are some of the six-word memoirs i have come up with:

1. My life is taken in pictures.

2. I lack common sense by choice.

3. Dancing in the rain is fun.

4. Burst out of the normal bubble.

5. Skiing: its all downhill from here.

6. Act like you would in photobooth.

7. Life would be boring without color.

8. Be daring: poke a bee’s nest.

9. So many reasons to be happy.

10.The clock says class is over.

11. laugh so much, you start crying.

12. My bedroom floor is gone again.

13. Waiting for the day they find bigfoot.

14. Always a new reason to laugh.

15. Laugh when everyone else is frowning.

16. These were made by Brianna.

Lesson: Quotes help you think of fthings in new ways

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