Rewind Time

January 20, 2013
What are moments exactly? I think they are places in time that we never forget. They bring out the worst or best in us. We all have our own ideals of moments, but my ideal is places in time I will never forget.

Those moments that bring out the worst in us are the moments we try to forget. I have had plenty of those. For example, remembering all the times I was mean to Ian, my non-related brother, makes me angry, and sad, at myself. Another moment would be the moment I tried to kill myself. Now, it kills me inside that I would be that selfish, but at the moment it seemed like the right thing to do. We don't always think rationally in these moments; we just go with the flow of our judgment.

Moments that bring a smile to my face are my favorite kind of moments. Those moments, no matter how little, get me through the day, like when Aiden, my nephew, gets out of bed and comes and sees me. He always says, "Jackie, what are you doing? Can you come lay with me?" In that moment I feel I have a purpose. Another example would be when Colin gave me a Christmas present. I felt appreciated and loved in that moment. We have those beautiful moments that we replay again and again in our heads.

Moments are one of the most important things in life. Whether good or bad, moments are worth it all. Moments bring us where we are today.

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