What is Love?

January 10, 2013
Is love real? If so what is it, how does a person know when they’ve fallen into it, and how is it possible to fall out? These are all commonly asked questions that relate to love, but their answers are rather complicated. It’s almost impossible to decode these answers from the messy aspects of love…almost. These questions do have answers and it’s amazing how opinionated, yet helpful, they can be/become. They help decipher the right and wrong choices, they push the lonely towards happiness, and they help people comprehend the idea of true, everlasting, untainted love.

The first question, asking if love is real, is one of the simpler questions. Of course every person is highly entitled to their opinions about love, life, and happiness, but it’s inexplicably evident that every person has seen that feeling of warm personal attraction or companionship whether it’s in parents, siblings, friends, or even total strangers. Love is a constant, unchangeable aspect of daily life and it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing that spark, that moment of untainted friendship and happiness, even if that spark is between complete strangers it’s still inspiring to see that feeling between all types of people. So is love real? Yes, love surrounds us, it’s a look, a touch, a kiss, a smile, a laugh, a back rub, a hand squeeze, a forehead kiss, a snuggle, a dance step, love is all of these and more. When a person sees these tiny spurts of love, even if they’re not occurring to them, they make them feel happy, warm, and loved inside because it gives hope that love is infinite, ever constant, and spectacularly enchanting.

The second question, what is love, is a bit simpler than the others too. Love can be anything, it’s unique to everyone, and it makes every person feel differently. Love can be motions, looks, laughs, expressions, touches, anything. Love is private; every couple in love has a different form of affection that they share with each other. Some smile to each other spontaneously, some rub the small of the others back out of habit, some pull each other close so that they’re leaning against each other, relying on one another, other couples intertwine their fingers, other’s wrap each other up in their arms and snuggle close. The point here is that every person has their own way of showing love to the important people in their life, but love itself is the feeling of warmth and happiness that is shared between two people.

The third question, how to fall into love, is one of the more complex questions. There is no scientifically proven answer to how people fall in love. The answer lies in the fact that life just happens. It takes us by storm, it’s impossible to see it coming because it hurtles towards us so fast that suddenly we’re standing there, breath taken, by how amazing life can make us feel. Falling into love is like life…it just happens. Learn to embrace it…look forward to it coming, and don’t doubt it’s abilities to change lives forever. The follow-up question, how it is possible to fall out of love, has a very similar answer to the previous question. Life happens…sometimes it does amazing, exhilarating things, and other times it helps show the truth in wrongs, or disappoints our imaginations. Unfortunately, it’s almost as easy to fall out of love as it is to fall into it. The only truthful, encouraging thing to be said in these situations is that if true love comes…hold onto it like there’s no tomorrow because that makes it harder to take it away.

Love. It’s a simple word, and it has a rather simple dictionary definition as well: a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. In actuality though, love is a crazy, remarkable, free-spirited capability that holds every power possibly known over everyone. There are so many aspects of love that are unexplored or impossible to comprehend/ explain but these are the aspects that attract our attention. They draw us closer to the idea of true love, and then when it’s least expected, it pounces, changing lives forever. Love is a magical thing that can be compared to nothing else but maybe life…both are unpredictable, uninfluenced by human nature, and unimaginably spectacular to take part in. Life, and love, is like a puddle…sometimes you just have to walk through it.

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