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My Advice to guys.

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Guys, has your girlfriend ever dumped you and you thought there was no reason for it or the reason was stupid? Well, the truth is girls can get mad really easy and get jealous really easy. I have some advice for those guys who feel like they are being dumped really often.
My first piece of advice is if your girlfriend does not like another girl, then you don’t be friends with that girl. Plain and simple. If your girlfriend doesn’t like the chick, if you talk to her or hang out with her ,your girlfriend will not hang out or talk to you as much as she used to.
Another thing I think I should tell you, is if you hug other girls. Your girlfriend will not care how close you are to them. She will get jealous and get mad. She probably won’t break up with you the first few times but there will come a time when she gets sick of you hugging other girls and she will eventually dump you.
I have two more things that are some of the biggest reason that girls get mad. One of those two things is if the guys are always too busy to hang out with their girlfriends. Or if the guy would blow off his girlfriend to hang out with his friends all the time. The least you could do is if you’re going to hang out with your friends, invite your girlfriend and tell your guys to invite their girls too. That will make everyone happy and your girlfriend will not feel like you are blowing them off.
My one last most huge reason that girls would get mad at their guys and maybe break up with them is if the guy ever lies to them. Guys, you might find this a little stupid but, the first time you lie to your girl you lose her trust forever. She may learn to live with it, but she will never forget that you lied to her. The more you lie to her the more of her trust that you lose. And once you lose her trust she will start to think you lie to her all the time even if you are telling the truth. And her not trusting you will just lead to fighting all the time. Fighting all the time will lead to a cold-hearted, sad break-up.
Well, guys this is my advice to you. I hope you follow it because it will make your relationship a billion times better.

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kendraboo said...
Jan. 12 at 10:15 pm:
wow this is sooo true<3
sunshin 288 replied...
Feb. 8 at 2:27 pm :
wow dont put hthat on here   
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