whats the difference between a relationship and a thing?

December 18, 2012
relationships are when you want to be with the person and truly care about them. when its a thing its just because you want to use the person for something. i will admit i have a had my things in the past but we all have, and if you havent it will come eventually. i have had my relationshipsadn they are all over. but trying to get one back is harder than anyone will ever know. wehn you lose something that you never knew meatn so much to you, you really lsoe yourself. it hurts so much when people dont believe you when you tell teh truth. he was not my seond choice and it wasnt a rebound ask anyone of my freinds i have wanted him back for awhile and he wont beleieve me. it sucks. a relationship is what i want not a rebound thing or anything like that. i actually want to be hapy again.

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