What is Love?

December 10, 2012
Love is such.. a broad emotion. It can be described or expressed in many shapes and or forms. Whether it be a friendly love, and romantic love, a love for a desired object, family love, etc. Who's to say that love may only be possesed when shared with a partner? That's just ignorant. Love is indefinite, therefore love is what you make it. To be specific though, being "in love" is an interesting topic. It may be an excuse to make up for false hope, or something that's just encasing lies. But then again, it could be completely true and thorough. Being in love is like.. a wasteland. Treading through a wasteland where every step you take is like a crack to your soul. A wasteland in which is completely desolate, besides one flower. One delicate, impeccable flower, that has remained there. Remained there since you had set foot into what I call a wasteland. When you finally find this flower.. treat it with utmost care. On my part, I can confidently say that I'm still on my quest through this wasteland. But that's alright with me.. because the reward in which I seek, is much greater than anything I had ever set eyes on.

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