The pursuit of happiness

November 23, 2012
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Everyone is looking for their inner happiness and joy, some spend their whole life searching for happiness and others simply find it. Happiness is a strong meaningful word that contains between it letters a lot of human's way of life, disappointments and rejoicing. That's why a man must never underestimate the power of intangible feeling.

Once I researched and I found out that when a person miserably sad and then his life turn up side down and everything just seems right these stages and these mixed up feelings motivation to a new goal in his life. So whether you feel sad or happy it constructs you to a new better improved person.

A lot of people link their happiness with someone else, for instance two lovers, when a girl's life revolves around a boy this boy have a massive power to control this girl emotions, he has the power to make her cry, laugh, revive and even worst he can make her hate or love the life.

Therefore, happiness isn't a word to use it in our sentences; it’s the word that our whole lives revolve around. Happiness is more than just a state of mind that characterized by love, contentment and pleasure, it's a word that a man lives his whole life hoping to find it, it's like a man who hopes to see a glimpse of heaven on his daydream.

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