Openly, Curiously, Directly and Kindly.

October 26, 2012
By Anonymous

Men should view woman pertaining to the situation. Some examples are openly, curiously, directly or kindly.

A man should look at a women openly. What this means is that women do not like to be judged so quickly and like when people view things from an optimistic perspective. Men should not be so quick to judge and decline something new that the woman may suggest because if they do, then the woman will take that to heart and will not try to give an effort again. It discourages them when they try to do or say something and are shot down right away. Men should look at women openly and see things from the female point of view. Although that may be hard to accomplish it really makes a difference when effort is given and shown. Women appreciate the little things and will remember those times. Men should be open to new options and new adventures and not the same old things they do everyday. If the woman tries something new, or wants to visit someplace different, men should view it as an opportunity to undertake something new.

A man should look at a women curiously. Asking questions and inquiring about the women are what keep conversations going. Men should look at a women with interest and attentiveness to see what is going on in their mind. Men will find it interesting to find out what is on a woman's mind because it is completely different than a man's. Curiosity is what encourages the woman that they're not wasting their time and that people actually care about her and her thoughts. Men will definitely learn things they never knew and will understand the woman mind better.

A man should look at a women directly. Directly as in eye to eye when she is talking. Eye contact is the most important thing regarding man to woman. Eye contact will never deceive you and one will always know if something is wrong with the other by looking straight into their eyes. Looking directly at a women will show her that you are giving her the utmost attention and everything is focused on her. Men should not do other things while having a conversation with a woman because it will make her feel as if the thing the male is doing is way more important than her.

A man should look at a woman kindly. Kindness can go a long way. Being kind to one another will benefit in the long run and will never be anything not worth it. Kindness can change anyones impression of the other.

The author's comments:
A piece of my essay that I had to write for english.

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