Roller coasters

October 21, 2012
By raebaybay90 GOLD, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
raebaybay90 GOLD, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
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Relationships in general are always a roller coaster ride. When you first meet someone you like it’s as if you’re strapping yourself into the ride and the fun slowly begins. You progress up and up the tracks to the peak, and you can not wait for the next part. The wind is picking up, you’re screaming with your hands in the air, and at some point you don’t care about anything in the world except that ride. As you reach the peak of the tracks, you become weightless and you feel your stomach drop. When its time for the ride to progress downwards, your mind goes blank. You have no feeling at all because you know the roller coaster has taken the words right out of your mouth. As the ride comes to a halt, you brace yourself because you know the bumper that stops the ride will hurt a little. Although every roller coaster can hurt differently, everyone knows the sharp pain. It is also sinking in that you just waited on line for a half an hour for a thirty second ride, and you are frustrated. How can it end so fast? Whether you appreciated it or not, it gave you memories you can never forget. Every roller coaster ride provides a breath taking experience and gives you more strength to overcome the next one.

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