Interracial Dating: Why Does it Matter?

October 12, 2012
By CarlaElaineParish BRONZE, Vancleave, Mississippi
CarlaElaineParish BRONZE, Vancleave, Mississippi
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Yesterday, I saw a black and a white person holding hands. While I smiled, others laughed. They laughed because it was odd for the two to date when honestly, it was none of their business. I am a black teenage girl and I have dated out of my race plenty of times. I see no problem with it. When you date someone, you don’t care what their race is; you see that person as just that, a person. Skin color should not matter in a relationship, if you really care about the person. Right now I’m dating someone whom is white and people always ask us; “Isn’t it awkward?” We always say no, we really care about each other so why should it matter? It also shouldn’t matter what other people say because it’s YOUR relationship and YOUR business. The reason I wrote this article is because; I’m tired of seeing teenagers harassed because of the person they are dating is white or black. It’s not hurting them. You should care enough not to see the lightness or darkness of the person’s skin.

Love is love either way.

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