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October 12, 2012
By jmonkey1080 BRONZE, Harrisville, Rhode Island
jmonkey1080 BRONZE, Harrisville, Rhode Island
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When people first meet, it is a beginning stage of the relationship which can eventually turn into a friendship. People usually stand back and hide their true colors until they really get to know the other person. When they meet and start to get to know one another, they start to realize what the other person is really like, whether they are out-going, introverted, athletic, or even artistic. Sometimes, when you first meet, you might feel like you have known the person for your whole life and could not imagine living without them. Other times, you may know someone for years and feel like you still do not know anything about them.

There are some friends that are closer than others. Some people you may consider an acquaintance. You typically do not put the same amount of time and effort into these relationships as you would for a truer friend. An acquaintance is someone you may share a couple of good laughs with or hang out with at a party, but never even think of seeing them for three months. A true friend is someone you may not see for three months, but when you do, it feels like you were never apart for even a second.

In order to maintain a healthy friendship, it starts with trust, honesty, and respect. If trust, honesty, and respect are not the foundation of your friendship, the friendship will most likely be nothing but a facade. There will be no true meaning to it and it could ultimately end up being a very hollow and empty relationship.

Many of our friendships throughout life will be challenged and in order to keep them healthy, we need to know how to forgive, even in the hardest of times. Just because you are true friends with someone, does not mean that there will not be bump in the road or misunderstandings throughout the friendship. In order to keep the friendship going, you have to learn to not only accept them for who they are, but be able to forgive them when they make mistakes. Not only will forgiveness strengthen the friendship, but it will ultimately make you a better friend yourself.

Occasionally there are people that go throughout life without having any close friendships that are actual people, but gravitate towards animals for companionship. Many animals, such as dogs, cats, and birds, are loving towards humans and do not have a malicious being. Many times a pet and a human have a need for each other, but for different reasons.

When people think of friends, they might think of sleeping over, watching movies, playing games, and having fun. Not only can friends have a positive effect in your life, but on occasion, there are people that we consider friends that have a very negative way and will try to take you down. There are times when childhood friends end up being the one to try to convince you to do drugs or skip class. True friends will not try to hurt you or manipulate you into something that can hurt you or something that you are against. While friends may be important, your own sense of value and well-being are what you should judge both yourself and your friends by.

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