This I Believe

October 15, 2012
By Jack Silcox BRONZE, Wrentham, Massachusetts
Jack Silcox BRONZE, Wrentham, Massachusetts
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This I Believe
I believe that laughter is key to every successful relationship. In my life, the only thing that has kept my best friend and I’s relationship together is our inside jokes. There is no better feeling in this world than the moment you look at a friend of yours and say one word, or make one silly motion and at that instant just die of laughter. I swear if I could just look at my friend and laugh until I needed to gasp for air, and hold my abs because they feel as if I’ve done a million sit-ups. I believe that a joke can be a foundation to a friendship the same way cement can be the foundation to a home. Without that one solid foundation the house, or the relationship, may crumble as you know it.
When I came to Mount Saint Charles I didn’t know a single person there, but on the first day I had made friends as the day progressed. However, since nobody knew me I had to use my immature humor to penetrate the cliques. I sat at lunch cracking one joke after the next hoping that I would make new friends. I thought to myself, “sooner or later they will have to be my friends if I keep this up.” SO that is how it happened. Just by being myself and spurting out joke after joke I had made my first friends here at Mount Saint Charles.
I believe the jokes that I used that day will be the foundation to my high school experience. I will always remember that day because in dignifies my friends and the clique of kids that I hang out with. If it weren’t for this group of kids I believe the first year at Mount would have been terrible. High school can be a tough experience, but at least with the friends that I made that day I won’t have to face it alone.
As I mindlessly walk through my remainder of high school I feel like I will always know, and cherish, the simple jokes and friendships that I have made so far. Though many relationships fall apart, through the immaturity and giddiness of my companions and I, I believe we could rekindle a relationship with our humor if we ever came across a situation that ended one. I feel as if my friends and I could overcome any obstacle put forth in our paths because of the great memories that we have had together through our immature and creative jokes.
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