My Reality

September 24, 2012
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My reality is my world, it's not necessarily real but it is my reality. My reality is in my head and it's something no one else knows about because it's mine. Some people think reality and what is real has to be tangible, but I say different. For me my world in my head is real, I practically live there. My reality is where I go when I'm sad or scared, or just overwhelmed. My reality is where I can decide what happens, it's my safe place and it is real to me. Some people think because something happens in another person's head that is's not real, they think the person is crazy, well that's not exactly the case. People just have to be able to differentiate between their own world and the everyone elses, or there would be way too many people in mental hospitals. So what is real to me probably isn't real to anyone else, because it is my reality and my reality is not their reality.

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