A Letter To Teens

September 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Dearest Fellow Teenagers,

Is it so bad to want a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it so desperate and inappropriate to long for the love of someone other than your friends and family? I don't think so, and I'm DEFINITELY not talking about the gift from God that is so carelessly used in perverted sinful ways. Yes, intercourse is a gift God gave to us, so sex isn't a bad thing, though foolish people may have made it seem that way. It's not meant for us to use so foolishly. INTERCOURSE IS MEANT ONLY FOR PEOPLE BONDED IN HOLY MATRIMONY. I'm talking about the love and affection that molds, what I like to call, a relationship test-drive; the kind where he or she holds you tenderly when you're lonely, and hugs you tightly when you're scared. It only goes so far as the compassionate stroke of your face, and the gentle kisses that linger with the knowing that you're loved and cared about. This relationship test-drive can happen all the time. It's meant as a way to search for the one true love that you'd one day marry.

Along with the gentle, physical touches that radiate the feeling of protective love and security, there's also communication. Likes and interests should be similar but not equal, so as to not crowd each other to the point of suffocation and eventually separation. It's so important to enjoy talking to each other, and if you chose the right person, you can tell them anything, and you'll know they'll always love you. You need to understand their heart and soul. In other words, a relationship should be built carefully. Like the hands of a crafter, a project is always built in slow succession until the outcome is as it should be.

In all of my short 18 years witnessing relationships, I've noticed people have been negligent about key facts that could help them live a better life. The one mistake that always sends a pain in my own heart is seeing someone quickly declare they've found "the one", and swiftly move the whole relationship to the bedroom. It's sickening and quite sad. Worst of all, it happens to teenagers all the time. People don't realize their hearts are becoming weak and corrupted with thoughts of lust, desire, and jealousy. Amongst all of those sins lurks the fear of losing the person they've come to admire, and most of the time that is the reason why they take things to the level of intimacy that should ONLY be associated with people within a marriage. Other times it's the lust that devours the hearts of weak souls, and that’s when the relationship sought after is only sex. It's one of the devil's worst schemes in seeking the ruin of souls. And, YES, this is the catholic girl in me talking, but I believe this is the Truth! Whether you chose to believe it or not is your heart's decision!

So, right now, in the wake of having graduated high school I'm hoping to find someone special to talk to, to hold, and to love in a relationship that I can build and mold in ways of understanding, and affectionate caring, until the day when I'm in my 30s or 40s with a career and financial stability that I can marry the guy I know I'll love forever.

Please, take heed of this letter, my fellow teenagers. I know I cannot change all of your minds with just this single piece of insight and advice. Many of you may not even believe in God, but please take this into your minds and hearts. You can save a lot of heartache and future pain and suffering. I’ll always be hoping and praying that someday the world will be changed into a better place with the help of teenagers.

God Bless You All!

A Friend

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