help me understand people part 1

August 26, 2012
By Junbee BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Junbee BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I just don't get girls and I'm a girl myself ,when a boy leaves a girl she says things like "he'll be back" or "he will want me back when she dumps him" and lets not forget the ones who after they dump you they expect you not to date after them. The truth is guys are always going to move on no matter what so why can't girls do it why can't we let him go.Once I was watching the Steve wilkos show and the women said she couldn't live without him although he treated her like a dog she wanted him but he did not want her another example is Maury a lot of the women go around looking for their baby daddy and no man will ever respect her because she has a kid and doesn't even know who the father is? well I don't think teen girls like myself should end up like the women on television: stupid and blind.My mom talks to me everyday about this so for the girls that have never been talked to about it or you don't have a mom or maybe you don't care.

So lets say he tells you he loves you now some guys mean it and some don't if he first tells you over a text message delete it its B.S! but in person keep him or not some guys lie to your face! Do you like being lied to? then ask your self what does he do for you? Is he a no show for your date? are the both of you even compatible? do you argue a lot? does he smoke? has he cheated on you? if the answer is yes dump him you desire better and don't worry I have a motto for this type of thing repeat this to your self before and after you dump him I'm young I'm beautiful I don't have to put up with this mess I will not waste my life and time on some worthless,stupid,sorry excuse of a boyfriend I desire a guy who will treat me like a lady not a stupid little girl I will triumph in this relationship and not act like a stupid little girl I shall not expect anything big like the "L" word to be said and I will love myself cause how will I love him if I don't care about me. tell me something why should we put up with some girls get so hooked up on a guy that they cant let him go.DO this seek help get different opinions or just cry it may not change anything but its better than keeping feelings bottled up. this is the truth this is reality live it and love it or loose sight of what is really important.

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