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August 20, 2012
By snyderdestiny SILVER, Golden Hill Rd, Pennsylvania
snyderdestiny SILVER, Golden Hill Rd, Pennsylvania
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When us girls were little some of us always wanted the Disney life because everything was perfect and you always got the prince charming of the movie and lived happily ever after. Today some girls are actually still looking for that because they refuse to stop believing in that love. Some may think that is stupid and pointless but those people shouldn’t have any say or opinion in your love life or dreams. I use to be one of those girls and I still kind of am, but I am extremely happy in my relationship because this boy treats me like a princess. If some girls just wait it out through all those other assholes you have to get through to get to your prince charming, it’ll be totally worth it. Even though every relationship will have its downs once in a while, it’ll still feel like a fairy tale to you because of how special this guy makes you feel. Just wait it out as long as you can because God did put that one guy out there for you to find and when you find him, nothing will stop you from being with him. My fairy tale relationship isn’t the perfect Disney fairy tale but it’s my own version of it and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t change any of it no matter how hard it may sometimes be. I’m not saying your relationship will be the Disney fairy tale because it probably won’t be and that’s just the way it’ll be. You’ll both learn to love each other’s flaws and in common things you guy have together. You don’t want to let the guy know everything about you in the beginning of the relationship because you should save the more exciting and intriguing things about yourself for later to keep him wanting to know more and more about you every day. Just doing those couple things will make your relationship a little bit like a fairy tale one.

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Just something I wanted to blab about for a couple of minutes. Sorry it's really bad in advanced!

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