Is a relationship worth in our lives?

July 11, 2012
By , Kolkata, India
Is having a man in your life as a lover or as a life partner really worth?

Trust, the most crucial and valuable possession in any relationship especially between two lovers. But can we really count on another man whom we suddenly make our life partner? It is hard. There are many other relationships in a person’s life such as mother and daughter, father and daughter, mother and son, etc. But the weird part is we never seem to give the utmost importance to these relationships where we can count for anything and everything but instead we do a big mistake of giving priority to the love of our life. The mistake word is used just to understand that we make another person rather a stranger our life partner and have complete trust on them which is absolutely wrong. Relationships should be there but the choice should be made very carefully otherwise pain shall crumble up into someone’s life unnecessarily.

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