Anyone Heard Of Cooties?

July 11, 2012
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Yes. I realize the opposite gender, at this age, is going to be somewhat attractive. But remember when everyone of the opposite sex still had cooties? Doesn't anyone miss the purity of those days? Shouldn't we at least try to keep from dating in middle school? I mean honestly. How many of those relationships last? And can you name any that were longer than a week, week and a half? You want to know why that is? It's because you're not very likely to meet someone you'd actually want to date, in middle school. That's because you're not exactly sure of your preferences yet. You may think it's cool, but I know an eighth grader who is going into high school with a baby in her belly. Do you know what she says? She claims it's a little angel growing in her belly. You want to know what she's really thinking? Why didn't the dad stay with me? This is exactly my point. Middle school is supposed to be a time to get used to the idea of high school. You should not spend it worrying about relationships. You definently shouldn't be worried about teen pregnancy. Her's is a cautionary tale. Sure she may have a fulfulling life later on, but she's going to have to raise a baby too. It kind of wrecks your life. Sure babies are blessings, but they are more like a nightmare when you have to have them at fourteen. So moral of the story, don't date till your in high school. There could be consequences. Hello? Anyone ever heard of cooties?

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