It Doesn't Take Much

June 20, 2012
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Often times, we take things the wrong way. We misunderstand what people are trying to say, this often leads to fighting. Sometimes we don't see how things can be misunderstood, but they just are. It's hard for someone not to fight with another person, because things were misunderstood. There are many people in this world, that are just rude, not intentionally, but they are. It could be the way they were raised, or maybe even the way they see other people act. For a mature person, someone that is immature, is just an annoyance. We often don't realize that we are just more well rounded than that other person, and that we need to take everything into consideration when dealing with them.

It just takes the most gentle care, to show someone how much they mean to you. You have to be careful while showing love, or affection towards someone, because sometimes they take it the wrong way, or just don't believe it. You have to show them in a way that they know. You have to make sure that they know just exactly what they mean to you. It is very important, even though it may not seem it. When someone tells you that they love you, you'll be able to tell that they really do. Its not hard to see, yes I agree sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not that person really loves you, but if you trust them enough, you'll take their word for it.

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