Love Is

July 7, 2012
Love, one of the strongest words in the English language. It’s a concept that’s hard to understand and even harder to feel. Many experience love during their high school years, when teenagers try the playing field. Some get lucky and fall in love, others relate to the Forever Alone memes. But even the lucky ones don’t always know if they’re actually in love. It’s undeniably challenging to be certain that love is actually real.
Love is parents. We all know what one type of love is, the unconditional and never ending love our parents give us every day. Birth parents, step parents, foster parents, each parent loves you with no boundaries. They want you to be happy, they want to see you succeed. They want to see your smile every second of the day. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that your parents care for you. From the scolding to utter embarrassment, parents hide their feelings as well as ninjas hide in the darkness. That love doesn’t have to be seen, you don’t always feel it, but it’s always there. That’s the type of love we all search for, the kind that just flows from the heart.
Love’s friends. Who sticks beside you when you cry? Whose shoulder is offered to you? Who jokes about your exes? Who knows you better than yourself? A best friend is either the polar opposite of yourself, or is exactly like you. The love between you grows and grows, it has no limit. Even during your darkest days, when the light finally shines, she right next to you. Arms looped together, you two are invincible. That love strengthens through every obstacle, every challenge, every fight. That’s the type of love we all search for, the kind that beats every argument.
Love is God. Where I live, my town has a church on every corner. Where I live, if you don’t go to church it’s considered a sin. Well, I don’t go to church on a weekly basis. I might go with a friends’ family but I normally stay home. Does that make me not a Christian? Does that make God hate me that I don’t spend Sunday worshipping? If you stand in a garage, you’re not considered a car; if you stand in a church you’re not always considered a Christian. I love God, God loves me. The relationship between us is indescribable. If you believe in Him, you know the feeling. He created you with His hands, He loves you no matter what. He loved you before you were born, He’ll love you after you die. His love is always there. When the darkness swallows you whole, go to Him for help, He’s there for you. Every mistake you make, every time you go against Him, He’s still there, loving you. That kind of love is a blessing, is a gift you receive every day. Despite your sins, He loves you and believes in you. That’s the type of love we all search for, the kind that is forgiving.
Love is a partner. Whether you’re straight, homosexual, or transgender, you deserve love. You deserve someone who will fully commit to you and will be there to hold your hand. This love isn’t easy to find, it’s a constant game of hide and seek. It makes you look goofy and ridiculous, but you don’t care. Sharing your life with someone is so special, it’s surreal. Most teens will feel this way for an average of four to six months before breaking up and moving on. Teens aren’t always ready to feel the strength of love, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. That kind of love is a miracle you live every day once you’ve found it. That’s the type of love we all search for, the kind that warms us up inside.
No definition can cover the topic or even show you what love is like. Love is something you have to discover on your own. It’s an adventure to go on, it’s exciting and scary. Love is a breath of fresh air. Love is a handwritten poem. Love is a bouquet of flowers on a random day. Love is a snuggle buddy for those long, rainy days. Love is a kiss good morning and a kiss goodnight. Love is something I want to experience, I thought I was in love, but it wasn’t real. Love is that special someone who asks you to dance.
That’s how I describe love, how do you describe it?

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Camille1234 said...
Jul. 15, 2012 at 5:26 pm

this is a really good piece :) keep on writting :)


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