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July 4, 2012
By CoreyM3 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
CoreyM3 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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The past is history and tommorow is unwritten so live in the moment and never wait for something to come to you, because chances are it wont, fight for what yuu believe and never stop until its yours. Written by myself, Corey.

my opinion on love is to just highlight how deep our true feelings are and see how hurt we can really get because 99% of teenage relationships end with more often then not one or both the people involved really hurt..
so sure you had a good time whilst you had it but was it really worth all the heartbreak to follow?
there's not really a right or wrong answer because having been threw it, yeah of course I'd go back out there and try it again just keeping in mind how much i loved it i guess all the fights and hurt sorta get swept under the rug as soon as you find someone worth putting it all on the line for again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about two years ago in response to the many hearts that were breaking around me, as some sort of reason as to why it happens and why we continue to go through these relationships.

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