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June 7, 2012
By GleeLover1234 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
GleeLover1234 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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L is for Lie
I hate when people lie because it’s so sneaky and rude! What I don’t understand is why can’t they just tell the truth? What’s even the point, you will get in more trouble if you get caught lying then if you just tell the truth!!! I used to lie when I was like 2 years old but I don’t anymore because if I get caught I will get in so much trouble!!! One thing I hate is when someone did something bad, then you tell someone, and then they ask them about it and their like “I did no such thing!” That annoys me so much, just tell the truth and take the punishment because it’s better then finding a way to lie about it!!! This is why I hate when people lie!!!!

The author's comments:
This article is for anyone who has been ever lied to. So practily everyone.

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